This day in Mohawk Valley history: January 16, 1874

Utica Daily Observer, January 16, 1874, Oneida County, New York


(Select entries)

The First National Bank of Oneida, Madison county, has voted to go into liquidation. It is proposed to form a State bank.

The pennies bearing the words “Mind Your Own Business,” which are creating some newspaper talk at present, are common with coin fanciers about town. Twenty-five or thirty of them can be found in the collections or pockets of citizens.

Valuable Gifts.

Dr. Samuel B. Bradley, of West Green, formerly of Clinton, has accumulated and preserved thirty volumes of the Journal of Commerce from 1827 to 1857; twenty-five volumes of the Independent, with files of the New York American, the Albany Gazette, the Cultivator and many other journals and periodicals. All of those valuable means of reference and information have been presented to the library of Hamilton College.

A Serious Matter.

The announcement of the marriage of Allen F. Fouler to Miss Bridget E. Connary, of South Trenton, published in the Observer yesterday, was a fraud. Fortunately, within an hour after the arrival of the paper in the town of Trenton, the author of this disgraceful imposition was discovered. The party will be severely dealt with. This form of mischief, it will be found, is as dangerous to the perpetrator as it is annoying to its victims.


Utica Daily Observer, Jan 16, 1874

Utica Daily Observer, Jan 16, 1874