The Cobleskill Index ROUND ABOUT US from June 20, 1918

Short Items of Interest Gathered From Our Exchanges, Telling of What Other People Are Talking About

Some wool is being sold at Cornwallville for 65 cents per pound.

At school meeting of district No. 2, Dry Brook, Mrs. Cyrus George was elected trustee by a unanimous vote.

More than 100,000,000 eggs of the Hudson river shad have been collected in the river between Poughkeepsie and Catskill during the past week and placed in the Linlithgo State hatchery, which is across the river from Catskill.

Never before has so much hay been shipped out of Franklin as during the past year, the estimate being 200 carloads. The unusually heavy grass crop a year ago and the prospects of another bumper crop this season has made this possible. Much of it is bought for the government.

A special charter election will be held in Sidney, July 2nd, to vote on an appropriation of $12,000 for the purchase of a modern fire engine. Since the big fire of May 25th, when the engine from Oneonta was called into service, Sidney people have been thinking they should have a similar one.

While standing on the barn floor hitched to a lumber wagon the team of E. A. Brained of Windham, on Saturday last, were suddenly dropped to the basement below. The floor dimmers gave way, causing the mishap. Fortunately little damage was done and the horses were safely extricated.