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Fort Klock Historic Restoration

The Fortified home of Johannes Klock is owned and operated by Fort Klock Historic Restoration working to preserve this historic site.

The Old Palatine Church

The Old Palatine Church located in Nelliston and built in 1770, is one of the oldest churches in the Mohawk Valley.

Fort Plain Museum and Historical Park

Nellis Tavern

The 1600’s were a difficult time for thousands of Protestants living in the Palatinate area of western France and eastern Germany along the Rhine River Valley.

Walter Elwood Museum, Montogomery County, NY

Walter Elwood Museum of the Mohawk Valley

The Walter Elwood Museum is a gateway to learning using the past to illuminate the present. Utilizing the stories and artifacts of local experience, we examine history and culture in all its dimensions.

Arkell Museum

The Arkell Museum at Canajoharie and the Canajoharie Library promote and celebrate the understanding and enjoyment of the arts and humanities in Canajoharie, the Mohawk Valley, and beyond.