Old Fort Johnson and the Montgomery County Historical Society

Old Fort Johnson is the 1749 limestone house built by William Johnson on the Mohawk River in colonial New York.

Sharon Historical Society

The Sharon Historical Society preserves the architecture by giving new uses to the remaining buildings and to keep the history alive.

Shako:wi Cultural Center

The Oneida Indian Nation’s Shako:wi Cultural Center stands as a testament to the rich lives, talents and heroism of the Oneida people.

Iroquois Museum

The Iroquois Museum is an educational institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Iroquois culture using Iroquois art as a window to that culture.

Clinton Historical Society Building

Clinton Historical Society

The mission of the Clinton Historical Society is to collect, preserve, document, research, and interpret the Town of Kirkland and the Clinton community’s past for current and future generations, and to make its rich heritage readily available to our membership and general public through public programs, exhibits and publications.

The Old Palatine Church

The Old Palatine Church located in Nelliston and built in 1770, is one of the oldest churches in the Mohawk Valley.

Dolgeville-Manheim Historical Society

Schoharie Colonial Heritage Association

Schoharie Colonial Heritage Association’s goal is to restore historical sites and make them available to the public for educational and cultural enrichment.

Judd Hall, Jefferson, NY

Jefferson Historical Society

The Jefferson Historical Society is committed to strengthening the connections between our history and our lives that we find in our community, today.

Nellis Tavern

The 1600’s were a difficult time for thousands of Protestants living in the Palatinate area of western France and eastern Germany along the Rhine River Valley.