Fort Klock National Historic Landmark

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Fort Klock National Historic Landmark

The Fortified home of Johannes Klock is owned and operated by Fort Klock Historic Restoration, a group of dedicated, ordinary citizens working together to preserve this historic site.

The house while retaining original features, has been restored and in 1973 was designated a National Historic Landmark; a site “of exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States”. The organization is designated as not for profit (501-C-3), and is an educational institution chartered by the New York State Education Department Board of Regents. The primary goal of our organization is to preserve and accurately interpret the story of this unique historic site.

The Fort Klock Historic Restoration story

Klock’s fortified homestead is nestled in New York’s picturesque Mohawk Valley about one mile east of St. Johnsville. The stone structure has walls over 2 feet thick and is heavily loopholed on every side for defense , windows could be covered by sturdy wood shutters. A spring bubbling up in the cellar provided fresh water to the occupants. The self contained Fort Klock was utilized during both the French and Indian war and the American war for independence, as a place of refuge for family and neighbors, there are several Fortified homes in the valley. Johannes (John) Klock built the stone house for his family in 1750, the kitchen addition dates to the 1760’s. Klock was a member of the Tryon county committee of safety, he was a militia member and patriot. Owing to this and given the location on the river and king’s highway, the Klocks (and other valley residents) may have played hosts to notable historic figures who traveled in the area during and after the revolution. Of note; the Battle of Klock’s field, which was the last battle of the destructive 1780 loyalist raid on the Mohawk and Schoharie valleys, is said to have been fought just to the west of the fort, on land owned by George Klock.

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