This day in history: October 31

On October 31, many Americans celebrate the traditions of Halloween by dressing in costumes and telling tales of witches and ghosts.

This day in history: October 30

José Manuel Gallegos was born in Spanish colonial Mexico, in the town of Abiquiú, Nuevo México, on October 30, 1815. His people were Hispanos, descendants of early Spanish settlers.

This day in history: October 29

African-American folk artist Harriet Powers External, nationally recognized for her quilts, was born in rural Georgia on October 29, 1837.

This day in history: October 28

On October 28, 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act providing for enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which was ratified nine months earlier. Known as the Prohibition Amendment, it prohibited the “manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors” in the United States.

Alexander Hamilton - Library of Congress Digital Collection

This day in history: October 27

On October 27, 1787, the first of 85 essays was published in New York’s Independent Journal later to become known as the “Federalist Papers.”