Way Down Deep Gratitude

December 28, 1917. Utica Observer Dispatch.

Harris & Ewing, photographer. USS Pennsylvania. [Between 1911 and 1917] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Harris & Ewing, photographer. USS Pennsylvania. [Between 1911 and 1917] Photograph. Retrieved from the Library of Congress,

Sailor Boys Hardly Know How to Thank the Ilion-Mohawk Relief.

Ilion, Dec. 28 – The Ilion-Mohawk War Relief Association, through the Red Cross, is cheering boys in the Navy, as well as those in the Army, and letters testify to the work of the organization and the grateful recruits. Some of the letters are printed below:

United States Ship Pennsylvania, December 24, 1917.

Dear Friends:

Just a line or two to thank you ever so much for your Christmas package which I received to -day on the Pennsylvania. It sure is a pleasure to know that you are thought of once in a while. I enjoyed its contents very much and was very well pleased with it.

Assuring you that I will always remember you for your kindness and wishing all the members a merry Christmas and a joyful New Year, I beg to remain,

Thankfully yours,

George T. Bullen. (Marine Guard)

U. S. S. Olympia, Navy Yard, N.Y., December 24, 1917.

My Dear Friends:

I was to-day presented through our chaplain (Mr. C. V. Ellis), a Christmas package which originated from your chapter, and I know take great pleasure in acknowledging receipt of the same. To receive a package came as a source of surprise to me, as I was under the impression that they were for the boys in the trenches, and certainly appreciate your kindness and thought, not only for the boys at the front, but also those that are still here, but nevertheless, far away from home.

I and all of my shipmates wish you success in your patriotic endeavors and may God always be good to you is the wish of a lonely but now happy sailer. Again thanking you for your kindness, I am, Most sincerely,

Fred H. Hoss, (Navigators’ Yeoman).

U. S. S. Arkansas, December 24, 1917.

Dear Friends:

Members of the Red Cross were aboard our ships to-day distributing Christmas packages, one of which I received.

I know it takes considerable time and money to prepare these many gifts, and I wish to thank you very much for my share of them. I wish our all a very merry, merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Yours sincerely, Edwin Foss.

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