Sandra Sparks of Mayfield enjoys Plein Air painting at The Rice Homestead.

Sandra Sparks of Mayfield enjoys Plein Air painting at The Rice Homestead.

The Mayfield Historical Society will host Plein Air Painting with Local Artist Linda Finch

The event is on Sunday, September 3, from 10 am to 1 pm at The Rice Homestead, 328 Riceville Road, Mayfield, NY.

All artists, beginner to experienced, are welcome to come and enjoy The Rice Homestead’s house and grounds to paint in whatever medium they choose.  This is not a painting class, but an open invitation to any and all artists to paint and sketch together.

Plein air painting

Plein air painting is a tradition rooted in capturing the essence of the natural world directly from life. The term “plein air” is derived from the French phrase meaning “in the open air,” emphasizing the practice of creating art outdoors, often of landscapes, and on location. This artistic tradition gained prominence in the mid-19th century, primarily with the advent of portable easels and paint tubes, which made it more feasible for artists to work outside of their studios.

Plein air painting holds immense value both as an artistic practice and as a means of connecting with the beauty and nature of the Mohawk Valley. This tradition allows artists, from beginner to experienced, to creatively express their surroundings while experiencing the play of light, the nuances of color, and the ever-changing atmospheric conditions of the outdoors firsthand.

Bring your supplies and enjoy the experience of Plein air painting

Please bring your own supplies. Free refreshments will be offered.  For more info, email Linda Finch at or call 518-538-3899.