A Visit to Herkimer Home Historic Site 

We had a great time visiting the Herkimer Home Historic Site during the “Taverns and Tories: It’s 1777 Somewhere” event. This historic location is one of our favorite local sites. It was a great time to be outside at the start of Summer and the weather was fantastic!

“Taverns and Tories: It’s 1777 Somewhere”  at the Herkimer Homes State Historic Site event. Held on Father’s Day, and for a Father’s day event, it was a winner!

British at Herkimer Home

The day relived the time, just before the Revolution, when British Troops were “quartered” at the Herkimer Homestead.  An excerpt from Battlefields.org describes the Quartering Act of 1774, “During this time, after the passing of the 1774 Quartering Act, that royal governors, rather than colonial legislatures, to find homes and buildings to quarter or house British soldiers. This only further enraged the colonists by having what appeared to be foreign soldiers boarded in American cities and taking away their authority to keep the soldiers separate from the colonists.”

From what I understand, part of having British troops quartered, or close to the colonists, was not only to put pressure on and suppress growing rebellious activities, but was to acquire new recruits to fill the ever expanding British Army’s needs for more troops. The recruiting efforts were likely conducted at the local pub.  The Quartering Act of 1774 ultimately became one of the “Intolerable Acts” leading up to the American Revolution.

All in Good Fun!

British at Herkimer Home

On this visit to the Herkimer Home Historic Site, it was all in good fun. Historical re-enactors from “His Majesty’s 24th Regiment of Foot, from Saratoga were “quartered” at the site. The 24th Regiment of Foot is a living history organization dedicated to interpreting His Majesty’s 24th Regiment as they were during the War for American Independence.  

With the 2th Regiment of Foot providing the “Tories,” the local “Tavern” was provided by the Rock Valley Brewing Company from Little Falls, NY. For the occasion they brewed a limited batch of Oriskany Ale – which was quite good!

It was a great time to be outside at the start of Summer and the weather was fantastic and a great event for a Father’s Day outing in the Mohawk Valley.  Liz “Fiddle” Simchick  provided music, 508 Salvage BBQ served up amazing BBQ food, along with Members of the 24th Regiment of Foot recruiting new members and provided living history demonstrations, and Melinda Reeder presented her Historic Brewing program.

Special thanks and appreciation to Sharon Powell and the rest of the team and volunteers who helped put this event together for all of us to enjoy! 

We had a great time and look forward to going back again!

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Infantryman from the 24th Regiment of Foot gives shooting demonstration.