Mohawk Valley History: Otsego Herald or Western Advertiser, April 20, 1797

Cooperstown, New York

Landing of French in England.

By an anticipated Albany Gazette, intelligence is received from London to the 3rd of March, by which it appears, that on the 22d February 1200 French were landed on the coast of Pembrokeshire, and that the next day they all surrendered themselves prisoners of War, to Lord Cawdor, commanding a detachment of the Cardigan Militia. Details in our next.

“By an especial recommendation of government, No more specie will be issued from the Bank of England.

Reports by the last European arrivals—That Buonaparte had entered Rome; that the Spaniards had taken a number of rich British merchantmen soon after their defeat by Admiral Jarvis; that the British had lost two ships of the line on the coast of Portugal; and that from the apprehensions of an invasion in England, great exertions were making to put their sea-ports and harbors in a state of defense.

A view of houses in the city of Albany. United States Albany New York, 1789. Photograph.

A view of houses in the city of Albany. United States Albany New York, 1789. Photograph.

Superintendants of Highways.

Richard Edwards, Joshua Dewey and Isaac Nash, Esqrs. for Otsego County.

John Rice, Jonathan Danforth and David Sternburgh, Esqrs. Schoharie count.

The legislature, after passing 104 laws in less than three months, adjourned to meet in the city of Albany on the first Tuesday of January, 1798.

A bill, for opening certain great roads in this state, allows 45,000 Dollars to be raised for that purpose, by a Lottery. John Taylor, Leonard Gansevoort and Daniel Hale, Esquires, of Albany, are appointed Managers.

Shoe & Boot-making


INFORMS his customers, that he has procured an excellent Workman at Bootmaking, and that he can now supply them with Boots of the newest fashion, and on reasonable terms.

Said Clark wants an Apprentice to the above business, an active Lad, from 12-16 years of age, will find good usage, and be kept consistantly to the business.

Pierstown, (Otsego) April 19, 1797

Source: NYS Historic Newspapers