Little Falls Historical Society Museum

Today is National Historic Marker Day!

View the Little Falls Historical Society’s list of historic markers that provide a glimpse into the history of Little Falls and preserve the city’s history for future generations. While out driving, cycling, or walking, please take some time to stop and read the historic markers within the City of Little Falls. Enjoy!!

LIST OF HISTORIC MAKERS:(Individual links provide the history and location of each marker)

●     Bridge For Boats

●     Benton Hall Academy

●     Benton’s Landing

●     Brave Defenders

●     David L. Bass

●     Grist Mill Attack

●     Guard Lock

●     Honor Roll

●     Italian Oven

●     Lafayette’s Tour

●     Lake Shore Limited Railroad

●     Lincoln”s Gettysburg Address

●     Little Falls-Water Power For Sale

●     Route of the Little Falls Canal

●     Shaping the City

●     The Cheese Business

●     The Italian Community Bake Oven

●     The Street Cheese Market

●     The World’s Best Cheddar

●     Window on the Past     Window on the Past Historical Marker

National Historic Marker Day is a service-oriented event that brings people and communities together to maintain their markers by cleaning them and providing an opportunity to celebrate and preserve history.