Friday April 28 was National Historic Marker Day.

The officers and directors of the Little Falls Historical Society marked this day by placing a new historic marker atop a previously installed marker pole at the site of the guard gate for the 1795 Western Inland Navigation Lock Canal.

The marker was provided through a grant by the William Pomeroy Foundation’s Historic Transportation Canals Marker Grant Program.

This marker placement was the culmination of over a year of focused effort and planning to refurbish the signage at this important historic site where a hand-operated gate once controlled the flow of river water into one of the first canals in the United States.

The City of Little Falls Department of Public Works and office of the City Engineer provided critical assistance with site preparation work. Pohlig’s Enterprises generously provided the pigmented stain and paint brushes for application on the wooden fencing surrounding the historic marker. The Historical Society much appreciates this combined assistance.

Additional plans are in the works for the replacement of other related nearby signage.

For additional information about the Western Inland Navigation Lock Canal, please consider visiting our website and related Facebook page.