George Inness, The Rainbow, 1878

American Art at the Arkell Museum

Start date: March 4, 2023
End date: December 30, 2023
All-day event
Location: 2 Erie Boulevard, Canajoharie, NY 13317
Organizer: The Arkell Museum
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Phone: (518) 673-2314
Arkell Museum Exhibits

The Role of the Macbeth Gallery in Shaping the Collection

Saturday, March 4 – December 30

You told me earlier in the year that some day you wanted a fine Inness…

Robert Macbeth to Bartlett Arkell, March 8, 1917

The Macbeth Gallery had a profound impact on the development of American art. It was the first gallery in New York City to focus on work by American artists, and held many ground-breaking exhibits. Our founder Bartlett Arkell made many important purchases at the Macbeth Gallery, and worked closely with gallery directors to build our extraordinary collection. This exhibit is a small tribute to his vision for the future, and the early work of the Macbeth Gallery.