A World of Ragtime

Date: June 18, 2022
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Location: 2 Erie Blvd, Canajoharie
Organizer: Arkell Museum
Email address: info@arkellmuseum.org
Phone: 518-672-2314 ext. 113
Arkell Museum

Actor-singer Byron Nilsson and pianist Malcolm Kogut celebrate the early 20th century with a rousing program of songs and piano solos that capture the spirit of the Ragtime Era, when America’s tunesmiths found a syncopated beat, and music changed forever. 

It all began with Scott Joplin, but once Irving Berlin’s Alexander’s Ragtime Bandbecame a hit in 1911, Tin Pan Alley went crazy with imitations. Spirited numbers like That Shakespearean Rag (which influenced T.S. Eliot), Eddie Cantor hits, and other up-tempo favorites will keep your toes tapping along. 

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